France is an amazing country. First of all it’s beautiful and intriguing, with historic towns and cities where you can wander through secluded courtyards, along narrow winding medieval streets and past mellow-stone, centuries-old buildings. For mountain lovers, there are the Alps. For those who love the sea : small bays abound along rocky coasts and long stretches of golden sand invite you to sunbathe, stroll, swim, surf or strip off.


Paris, the City of Light, has a long and venerable reputation as a place to discover culture and art, the finest cuisine and the most elegant of fashions. Renowned the world over as a destination for romance, Paris manages to combine the picture postcard views you expect with a wealth of hidden riches that you might never know are there.

French Riviera

The South of France has long drawn of those lazy sunny afternoons lying on the beach, with the blue waters of the Mediterranean sparkling in the distance. It’s synonymous with heady, luxurious living and it’s famous for those small hilltop villages, once surrounded by defensive walls, now full of small cobbled streets, boutique, hotels and good restaurants.


The French Alps were sculpted by glaciers, giving the corresponding valleys a mild climate and a rich soil. Nowadays inspiring craggy peaks and snowcapped mountains rising up in the French Alps, where there are fantastic opportunities for skiers and snowboarders, is one of the best places to spend your winter holidays.


The world’s most famous micro-nation, Monaco, is a strikingly beautiful pocket of immense wealth squeezed between France and Italy. Top models strut their stuff on seaside promenades flanked by palatial mega-yachts, the French champagne is guzzled like soda as the sounds of the world’s top DJ's fill the night air. The immaculate cleanliness, stunning scenery and friendly Monegasque people have long established the principality as a European paradise.